Wednesday, February 8, 2017

100 ways of looking for here

The people who followed my exploration over the past several months of the concept of "here" perhaps understood before I did what "here" was. It took me 98 drawings to get there.

It's taken me four years, almost to the day, and 100 drawings to find out where "there" and "here" are: the literal, emotional, and artistic journey from my life as it was and my life as it is.

The threads were all there, from the empty holes and the crumpled paper, the loss and detritus of the past, the walks and the lines that moved me from the old space to the new.  The dead ends and the blank walls, the thoughts that fell off the edge of the paper, the stepping stones and the vessels filled with what is.

There are 100 ways of finding it.

But I am here.

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